Ideascale is a great crowdsource tool to gather ideas in different rates!

Crowdsourcing is a process to get work, fund and ideas from a crowd of people. For instance, Wikipedia is one of crowdsourcing resources to get a crowd of people the ability to share their own ideas by themselves. Crowdsourcing principle is using a crowd of people’s ideas, ability, skills and participation.
Ideascale is an innovation management software. this software allows different organizations collect a pool of ideas from their communities and get them a platform to vote different ideas. Ideascale has some benefits for businesses like:

  • explore and share different ideas
  • Getting votes for different ideas for business goals and preparing a team for the prioritized  ideas for the business development.

Individuals and organizations can define their own community and campaign in Ideascale to get the related ideas from their own community. For example, City Planners can use this technology to access communities’ main concerns about their living areas and get more sense about the needs and prioritizing different tasks in implementation plans. For example, here is a sample of community that I made for my research about Lemoore’s downtown to get the community’s feedback and thought about the main street. I chose the residents of Lemoore as my campaign and asked them through emails and Facebook for their participation.


As can be seen, I could gather ideas and votes from my campaign that help me to recognize the community’s need for downtown of Lemoore. For instance, I understood the community needs more social events and gathering places in the downtown of Lemoore based on the vote rates.
In addition, there is an option to the website for adding your own questions to get ideas. In the edit interface, in the section of workflow and idea submission, there is a custom field for adding specific questions related to the subject. The figure below illustrates the location of custom filed for adding questions.



Published by

Kimia Kiani

Kimia Kiani is a City Planner and Architect. She achieved her bachelor and master's degree in Architecture from Iran and perused her second masters in City and Regional Planning at California Polytechnic State University. She is holding an Architecture and Facility Planning position at Public Works department, County of San Luis Obispo in California, United States.

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