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This post represents the results of an online survey (Survey monkey) that I gathered from San Luis Obispo’s community regarding their comments and feelings about the downtown. My research topic is “Revitalization Downtown” for city of Lemoore and I am considering on SLO downtown as one of my case studies because the both cities are small towns and as one residents of San Luis Obispo city and a planner, I feel SLO downtown has been successful in the case of planning, design, community’s satisfaction, preservation and development. furthermore, I think SLO downtown has some great lessons in the case of planning and design for other historic towns.

Here is the survey link and eleven responses that I gathered from the community for this survey. Please feel free to take this survey and help me in my research path.
Survey link:

Based on the current responses, equal number of people (about 36%) visiting the downtown once a week and three to four times a week that they are the majority of responses (Chart below indicates the results).

visiting downtown

Moreover, the chart and table below illustrate that the most respondents rated the SLO downtown four in the scale of five. In other words, approximately 72 percent of the respondents feel the SLO downtown has a very good condition.rate

In addition, to respond of the community’s interest about downtown, most respondents (above 90%) chose “bars and cafes” and “farmers market” following by walking streets (72.73%), shopping stores(54.54%) and public events (45.45%) in downtown (chart below).

what do you like mostly

On the other hand, most respondents complained about parking spaces and lack of sufficient parking structures and street parking, specially over weekends.

As a result, it seems that the community are satisfy about SLO downtown and they like the community based activities in the downtown mostly.

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